Bible Stories: The Calling of Disciples

In Matthew 4:12-25, immediately following the temptation of Jesus, the Bible describes the calling of some of the disciples of Jesus. In the section of scripture the Bible explains the calling of Andrew and Peter as well as James and John.

Andrew and Peter (also called Simon, a good point to explain to children) were brothers who worked as fishermen. (As a side note, you might want to consider combining the material found in Matthew chapter four, with the material found in Luke chapter five, which gives a more detailed account of the calling of Andrew and Peter.) James and John, also called the sons of Zebedee (their father) or sons of thunder, were also brothers who worked as fishermen. You might also want to mention the other men who were known as the twelve disciples of Jesus.

While this story may not seem like it contains much “material” to share with your children, I think the story can be used to teach children some real life applications. For instance, I think the story of the calling of the disciples of Jesus is a great time to explain to children that we are called to serve God, and to follow Him. From the thought that we are supposed to serve God and to follow Him, you can teach children what it means to serve God and follow His Word. I think this is also an excellent opportunity point out that these men immediately got up from what they were doing to follow Jesus. Andrew, Peter, James, John, (and others) felt that serving the Lord was so important that they left their homes and their livelihood to follow Him. Use this story to teach you children the importance of following Jesus, and sharing Him with others (which is what the disciples eventually did).

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