Biblical Study: The Three Weavers

The Three Weavers Plus Companion Guide

by Annie Fellows Johnston, Revised and Expanded by Shelley and Robert Noonan

What is The Three Weavers?

Fathers understandably feel awkward discussing purity with their daughters. However, The Three Weavers Plus Companion Guide invites fathers to bravely assume their God-given responsibility to protect their daughter’s purity for marriage while cultivating a close, loving relationship that will influence future generations. The Three Weavers Plus Companion Guide is intended to be a tool for fathers to mentor their daughters between the ages of 12-18 years.

My Thoughts

The Three Weavers is an excerpt from a book called The Little Colonel by Annie Fellows Johnston published in 1903. The Three Weavers is a story used to teach truth about purity in a young lady’s life. The companion guide is intended for fathers to share a 7 week study with their daughters. The guide is well organized and laid out in a manner which makes it easy for any father to use. If you think that you are not talented enough or organized enough to conduct a study then have no fear the organization and lay out has already been done for you. The study is not intimidating nor does it require more than a heart for your daughter to implement. The study centers on God’s Word yet uses the story of the Three Weavers to give both father and daughter another avenue to teach purity. The book is short and easily managed by any father. If you know a father or you are a father who does not know how to talk to his daughter about purity this would be a wonderful place to start. Even a father who is comfortable discussing this issue will benefit by this study with his daughter. The study encourages a time set aside to discuss purity. It is very easy to put these matters off far too long unless you have a tool and this book could be your tool.