BIC School Supply Giveaway

Very soon the kids will be going back to school. You will have to make your annual trip to the store with their school supply list in hand and buy them all of those “essentials” that are on the list.

Just in the nick of time BIC is here to help some lucky winners. Fifteen winners, to be exact, will win a BIC prize package that will contain some very handy school supplies for your child to use in school and at home. This prize pack will include markers, correction tape, pens, pencils, highlighters and other great and handy BIC items that are sure to make you (because there is one less thing to buy), your child (because the start of school with all new “stuff” is exciting) and the teacher smile. The teacher is smiling because she just loves to see prepared children to start the school year off in the right direction.

The BIC School Supply Giveaway package values at approximately $38. This contest is sponsored by Good Housekeeping magazine and begins on August 4, 2010. The end date of this contest is August 31, 2010 just before the stroke of midnight. No purchase is necessary to take part in the BIC giveaway. The winners will be selected randomly on or about September 7, 2010.

The fifteen winners of the BIC School Supply Giveaway will be contacted either by telephone, e-mail or snail mail on or about September 14, 2010. Everyone who lives in the United States or the District of Columbia is eligible to take part in the contest, but only one entry per household is allowed.

Entering the contest is easy. All that you have to do is go over to the Good Housekeeping website and sign up online. Hurry up and do not delay! School days are just around the corner. Be sure that your child is well equipped to take on the new school year!

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