Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Decorative Scissors

scrapbooking regrets, scrapbooking top ten, scrapbooking mistakesMost likely you have a pair or two, or if you are like me, you have more like 22! So at one point, I was addicted to the creative use of decorative scissors. Yes, I’d like to hang my head in shame when I look at those layouts, but they were certainly a hot item back then!

Before decorative scissors really entered the scrapbooking picture, pinking shears were the hot item. So of course I had discovered those first. I have lots of photos cut with those beautiful little pinking shears and it makes me cringe each time I look at them. In fact, it looks really terrible!

But there are ways to fix the zigs and zags you created by using those little scissors. Many people used the scissors for creative borders along the sides of their pages. If this is you, choosing a wider ribbon and running it along the length of the page will add a nice embellished touch, and hide the strip you no longer desire there.

If you are like many, you also used them to crop your photos and create photo mats. So how you do fix that? Not really that hard actually. If you have the negative or an extra print of the photo, that’s the easiest way. Take the extra print and place it right over the original you had there. It should of course be larger because it hasn’t been mutilated with decorative scissors yet. In fact, it should completely hide the photo beneath it.

However, still more scrapbookers also used the decorative scissors all over their entire layouts. On photos, for borders and strips, and of course to cut around their journaling and quotes, page titles, etc. How do you fix a layout that is completely zigged and zagged all over? One of two ways. Either you accept that decorative scissors were a fad that everyone had to try back then, and you allow the page to remain the same. Or two, start all over. Just re-create the page in your new modern style.

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