Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Horrible Handwriting

scrapbooking regrets, scrapbooking top ten, scrapbooking mistakesWe all suffer from time to time from the “Horrible Handwriting Syndrome”. If you’re like me, you might go back and forth. I apparently have a love/hate relationship with my own personal handwriting. One day, I absolutely love it, and the next I hate it.

When I look back at some of my layouts, I see that horrible handwriting, and it just totally takes away from the way I view the layout. Instead of seeing the beautiful photos and realizing what a great layout I did, I see that horrible handwriting and wish I could will it away.

Of course, there have been several occasions where I have torn the journaling strip off, which is certainly one option. And then I’ve gone into my computer and using fancy fonts, created a whole new journaling box to go where the other used to be.

However, as of late, I realized something. I need to quit being so particular about the handwriting. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t use your handwriting. Haven’t you ever received a letter from your mother, or grandmother? Doesn’t seeing their handwriting make you smile and feel warm inside? Well that same feeling will happen to someone in your life when they are able to look back at your scrapbook layouts and see your handwriting displayed. Not only that but it gives the whole layout a personal feel.

There are only a few reasons I see to go back and fix “Horrible Handwriting Syndrome”.

If you have a major spelling error, that’s a perfect time to go back and fix your mistake.

If you cannot read what you wrote, another time that you should go back and rewrite or type the journaling.

If you provided misinformation, or left an important detail out you wish to include, go back and rewrite.

Otherwise, just leave your handwriting as is. If you do not wish to use your handwriting on every layout, you don’t have to. Use the fun and fancy fonts, but be sure to include your handwriting in your scrapbook albums at least once or twice each.