Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Sticker Sneeze

scrapbooking regrets, scrapbooking top ten, scrapbooking mistakesYou can always recognize a scrapbook page from the earlier days when there were limited supplies. Back then, stickers were all the latest craze and there were swaps and RAKS (Random Acts of Kindness) galore filled with stickers and sticker sheets.

At that time, you saw a lot of scrapbook layouts with what we have now dubbed “Sticker Sneeze”. Essentially it’s a scrapbook page that has stickers that look like someone just blew all over it. No rhyme or reason to their placement, if there was a blank spot, a sticker was placed there.

Gone are the days where stickers were the only main embellishment. Now we have tons of choices to add some spice to our layouts. But what do you do when you are embarrassed to show those pages you created using all those stickers?

Well, of course you can just re-do the page, but that’s time consuming and depending on how many layouts you did back then, could take you hours upon hours to accomplish.

Instead think of more practical ways to fix the problem. If you used border strip stickers or created a line of smaller stickers, you might be able to hide the stickers with a length of ribbon. If any of the stickers are small enough, you could try placing brads or eyelets in random patterns all over the page to add some dimension as well as hide the stickers.

If it is a larger sticker, you can try covering it with an additional photo, or journal box or even a larger embellishment.

The greatest part about a sticker mistake is that it’s actually on of the easiest mistakes to fit. With Un-Do, the sticker remover available it’s a breeze. You just squeeze the liquid on the sticker, wait a second and peel it off.

Now any sticker you wanted gone, can be removed. Un-Do can be found at any craft supply store that carries scrapbooking supplies.