Biggest Scrapbooking Uh-Oh’s part one

scrapbooking regrets, scrapbooking top ten, scrapbooking mistakesIf you’ve been scrapbooking as long as I have, you are sure to have run into an uh-oh or two, otherwise known as a scrapbooking regret or possible blunder. Not everyone feels the same way about what they regret doing, but everyone has at least one or two.

There are the ten biggest blunders or uh-oh’s scrapbookers tend to look back upon and have total regret for:

Shapes – Goodness knows if you scrapbooked back in the late 90’s you have them. Shapes of all sorts, adorning your precious pages. Your poor photos are more than likely cropped into stars and hearts and all sorts of other interesting items.
Although I still use many of my templates, I try to steer clear of the odd shapes that were once popular unless it’s for an embellishment or something similar. Cropping your photos into odd shapes will form a nice puddle of regret later. I do still use ovals, circles, and squares once in awhile.

Sticker Sneeze – I know you know what I am talking about. Where can you put that last little Bryce and Madeline sticker, or that cute Mrs. G border strip. Once stickers were all the rage, and although I still enjoy trying to find ways to incorporate them into my pages, I avoid them more often now.

Buying Too Much – It’s in there, isn’t it? A nice variety of items you don’t use anymore, that you at one point, just had to have. Yes, we have all fallen into the trap.

Deco Scissor Zigs and Zags – Alright, I know I’ve been scrapbooking forever, as I have plenty of photographs that have a great pinking border from that wonderful pair of scissors I cut it with. Or how about that great zig zag I made down the side of the page.

Forgetting the Photos – If you’re like me, you get so busy in the moment that you often forget about taking photographs of certain events. Then you go back and look at all your albums and layout after layout is of these special occasions and you wonder what happened to the everyday moments. Like when your one year old smeared ice cream all over herself? Or your son came out in your high heels and sun glasses? Those are the moments we should capture.

Memorabilia – We all collect memorabilia. However, sometimes we collect too much, or we don’t collect any on certain events.

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