Biggest Scrapbooking Uh-Oh’s part two

scrapbooking regrets, scrapbooking top ten, scrapbooking mistakesContinuing our discussion of our biggest regrets and blunders we’ve made in our daily scrapbooking, I have a few more to add. You might have different ones, and you might have similar ones, but regardless, we’ve all made them.

Silhouettes – Oh how I remember good old silhouettes and I certainly did plenty of them. Often times mine looked like they were coming out of the side of the page or something equally as disturbing.

Embellishment Overload – This is something I think many still fall into the trap with. With so many new embellishments as well as types of embellishments how can you not want to use everything you can? However, it can quickly take over the layout and hide the photographs if you use too much.

Journaling that Goes Nowhere – Many people do not like to journal, thus my obsession with teaching others about journaling. But often because of this scrapbookers find themselves trapped with no way to get the words out. This leads to journaling that goes nowhere and says nothing. I’ve read many the scrapbook journaling box and wondered what it is they were trying to convey.

Horrible Handwriting – It is so incredibly important to have your own personal handwriting in your scrapbooks. I know it’s fun to get some fonts and go to town, but save that for the titles. Your handwriting is they key. But don’t just settle with what you do, if you think it’s horrible, try again. I’ve seen some pretty messy writing in a scrapbook album – at least attempt to clean it up a little. Yes, folks, I’m guilty too.

I don’t have a lot of regrets that cannot be fixed as I go, but I do want to stress that they aren’t horrible. If you are satisfied with how you’ve done things, seeing it as a growing experience, that is absolutely fantastic. I enjoy going back and seeing how far I’ve come. There have been a few I have gone back and redone, but overall I am extremely satisfied. This week I will be tearing these ten regrets apart and showing you ways to overcome them in more detail.

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