Birth Videos for Kids

If you plan to have your child present at the birth of his or her sibling, you will need to spend time preparing them for the birth. Videos are a great way to introduce children to the concept of birth. They can get an idea of what is going to happen and you have the opportunity to gauge their reaction to the video. A good video is a great way to begin the conversation about the birth of the baby.

You may think that watching shows like A Baby Story or Birth Day will help prepare your children to witness the birth of their sibling. These shows are not always the best choice. Very often, they show birth in a negative light. Keep in mind that the purpose of these shows is not to educate, but to entertain. Often, the interventions in the births are dramatized for a more exciting effect. This is not the best teaching tool for kids.

You want to choose the video that will introduce your child to the concept of birth very carefully. Your midwife, doctor or childbirth educator may be able to suggest a video, or even loan you one. Be sure to screen the video before watching it with your child. Look for movies that offer a positive image of a natural birth, rather than emergency situations and many interventions. Here are a few good selections to watch with your family.

Birth Day Filmed by Frank Ferrel and Georges Vinaver. This video shows the homebirth of mother and midwife, Naoli Vinaver Lopez. Naoli narrates the story of her homebirth. This birth is truly a family event. If you are planning a homebirth or a birth that includes the family, this is a great choice.

Gentle Birth Choices is a great choice for its depiction of healthy, natural births. This video follows six women birthing in five different settings. The video shows water birth, home birth and birthing in a variety of positions.

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