Bling Bling Rings Preschool Craft

I once got an amazing gift. A one-of-a-kind ring with several large stones, designed especially for me. A wealthy suitor? An inheritance from a rich grandmother? A gift from a jeweler-to-the-stars? Nope. My preschool son made it for me, and it’s one of my favorite possessions.

Whether your preschooler wants to make one of these rings for you or to keep for herself (or himself), it’s easy and fun.

Bling Bling Ring

You will need:

Pipe Cleaner
Fingernail clippers or wire cutters
Button with a flat front and a shank on the back (not the kind with holes through the button)
Rhinestones or large beads
Strong white craft glue (I recommend Crafter’s Pick Super Glue – it holds like the dickens and is nontoxic.)

1. Glue the rhinestones or beads on the front of the button. Let the glue dry.

2. Run the pipe cleaner through the shank of the button.

3. Measure it around the ring finger and twist the ends together a few times. Take the ring off your finger. Clip off the excess pipe cleaner with the fingernail clippers or wire cutters. Twist in the ends so they aren’t going to poke your finger.


Make a choker by decorating a button the same way, but run ribbon through the shank and tie it around your neck.

Decorate several buttons and string them on a ribbon for a bracelet.

Instead of rhinestones or beads, glue a small fabric appliqué on the button.

Decorate a button and thread it onto a shoelace of one of your shoes.

For earrings, decorate a pair of flat, regular buttons (the kind with holes through them and no shank). Glue on earring backs with a strong glue (adult job–you’ll want to use super glue or E-6000 or jeweler’s glue).