Every parent dreads this moment. You smell something unusually stinky. You pick up your baby and you feel something damp on their leg or their back. You remove their pants and realize the poop is all over their clothes and up their back. You are afraid of opening the diaper but it is the inevitable next step. It is the infamous blowout and it happens to every baby. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply put the baby in the tub, because some messes just can’t be cleaned with wipes.

Blowouts happen, so the best thing to do is be prepared. The first rule in preventing blowouts is making sure your baby is wearing the correct sized diaper. If the poop is coming out of the top of the diaper, it might be time to move up a size. You may also want to try different brands to find the best fit for your baby. Some babies are leaner and taller than others, and that does make a big difference in how a diaper fits and does its job.

Beyond prevention is damage control. Avoid putting tight pants on your baby since this will encourage blowouts to spread. Your diaper loses it’s ability to contain the mess the more it is compressed, that is why blowouts are the worst when a baby is sitting down or strapped into a car seat or high chair.

Always have spare clothes on hand in case you do experience a blowout when you are out of the house. In fact, bring two outfits. I had a friend over today and her daughter had two blowouts in a single afternoon. It can and does happen! In additional to outfits, have an extra pair of socks and shoes (my son has soiled these on occasion) and plenty of wipes for clean up.

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