Blue’s Clues: Shapes and Colors

We are gonna play Blue’s Clues ’cause it’s a really great game, yeah!

My daughter has a small collection of “Blue’s Clues” videos, which will probably grow steadily as her birthday arrives this month and the holidays approach. However, I am sharing with you, dear readers, my opinions on the videos that we do have. “Shapes and Colors!” is one of the DVDs that we own and it has been instrumental in helping Ciera learn her shapes and colors.

Shape Searchers

Joe, Blue, and their friends form a group called the Shape Searchers. Their goal is to find different shapes all around the house. Joe and Blue collect shapes from ovals and circles to crescents and octagons. Joe plays Blue’s Clues to figure out where else Blue wants to look for shapes. Don’t forget to skiddoo with Blue into a book full of shapes!

Colors Everywhere!

Blue and Joe are painting their Picture of Pals in the backyard and they want to include everyone. But they need help making orange, purple, and magenta so that they can put Orange Cat, Purple Kangaroo, and their puppy pal Magenta in the picture. Follow Joe and Blue through this episode as they learn all about primary and secondary colors, and how to mix some colors to produce others. Play Blue’s Clues with Joe to help him figure out who else Blue wants to paint in the Picture of Pals!

Adventures in Art

In yet another episode about painting, Steve plays Blue’s Clues to help him figure out what Blue wants to paint. This is almost a combination of “Colors Everywhere!” and “Shape Searchers,” as Blue and Steve make shape pictures and mix colors.

What Does Blue Want to Make?

While Blue’s friends are all making different works of art, Steve needs to play Blue’s Clues to find out what Blue wants to make. Will she want to create a macaroni picture frame like Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper or newspaper hats like Steve? Play Blue’s Clues along with Steve and find out!

“Shapes and Colors!” is, of course, another great compilation of “Blue’s Clues” episodes that you and your preschooler can watch many times over. Just remember: no matter how much you may get tired of watching the same episodes, repetition is a key learning element for children of this age. Your child will pick up new information every time. And because of the entertainment value, in this humble mom’s opinion, the annoyance factor is much lower than that of other shows.

“Shapes and Colors!” is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers.