Body Image: Ten Things I Love About Myself

Do you love the woman you see in the mirror every morning?

I don’t. That girl in the mirror… her belly is too big, her arms are too doughy, her nose is too pointy, her eyes are uneven. It’s very easy to pick out (and pick on) all the negatives you see in the mirror.

Can you think of ten things you LOVE about yourself? Some days, it’s hard.

  1. I love my big smile and straight teeth.
  2. I love the golden brown color of my eyes.
  3. I love the arch of my eyebrows.
  4. I love my naturally curly hair.
  5. I love my hourglass figure. (So what if the hourglass is bigger than I’d like it to be!)
  6. I love the shape of my calves.
  7. I love the strength of my legs.
  8. I love the glimmer of silver hoops in my ears.
  9. I love the feeling of a long skirt swishing around my ankles, and the extra grace it puts into my walk.
  10. I love the sound of my laugh.

Hey, I did it! Can you do it? Take five minutes and see if you can think of ten things you love about yourself. Be proud of yourself and your body — leave your list of ten things you love about yourself here in the comments for the whole world to see.

I have a story to share. A few years ago, I gave Weight Watchers a serious try. I started off at 174 pounds, and ended up at 137. That’s nearly forty pounds! And I still SAW myself as a fat girl. I still thought I was fat and unattractive.

More important than changing the actual shape of your body is changing your body image. Healthy, happy women come in ALL shapes and sizes. Change the way you think about your body… and you may start to see yourself differently in the mirror. You may start to find more than ten things you love about yourself.