Body Type Workouts – the Mesomorph

I told you we’d talk more about how your body type can influence your workout choices and in this case, we’re talking about the Mesomorph. So what exactly is a mesomorph? The mesomorph is built very athletically. A mesomorph can build muscle quickly and easily. They have a well-defined chest and shoulders that are typically larger and broader than your waistline.

The hips are usually the same width as your shoulders and your trunk and lower body are well defined. Most people look at Mesomorphs with envy because they seem to be built for workouts, workout clothes and more. Most of us are not defined by just one body type, you may have meso tendencies, but if you aren’t in shape, a meso won’t look like a meso, but they can achieve the look they want.

Craving Physical Activity

A mesomorph craves physical activity and enjoys being active. They can become overweight if they are too sedentary despite their desire to be physically active. If you want a physical example of a mesomorph, think of Demi Moore. She’s very athletically built. So is Angelina Jolie. Both develop their muscles very easily and have that lean, athletic build with good definition.

Mesomorphs are not necessarily the models of our society because they are hardly waif thin and that seems to be a requirement. When it comes to picking out a good workout for a mesomorph, you’re looking for high-energy sports that get you active and keep you active. Mesomorphs typically enjoy great success in:

  • Gymnastics
  • Cycling
  • Football, baseball & basketball
  • Diving
  • Equestrian sports
  • Rugby
  • Skating
  • Weight Lifting

The Drawbacks to Being a Mesomorph

A mesomorph is great, but there are some drawbacks. While you may be great at putting on and carrying muscle, it’s just as easy for you to put on and carry fat. The best way to combat this is to increase your cardio. I’m a mesomorph and I carry fat really easily. All the weight training in the world and all the heavy physical activity are great for toning, but I need high amounts of cardio to burn off that extra fat.

With our thick bones and muscles, we also have a tendency to look a lot heavier than we are. We certainly don’t look delicate and we can’t dress in a lot of the clothes that look good on the flat and curve-less. The other problem is we have thick legs and even at their peak and when they look good, getting boots that fit can be really hard and when you need riding boots – sometimes you have to have them custom fitted and don’t get me started on denim jeans.

Are you a mesomorph?

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