Book Review: Layout Blueprints

Book Review: Layout Blueprints

As scrapbookers, we are usually looking for ways to simplify our scrapbooking process. A new book, Layout Blueprints, is an excellent source of ideas for scrapbookers who are looking for ways to make scrapbooking a little easier.

Layout Blueprints is an idea book full of sketches and example layouts based on those sketches.

A scrapbook sketch is a simple drawing that shows the basic placement of photos, cardstock, patterned paper and embellishments. One of my favorite things about sketches is that they give you a starting point for your layout. Sometimes when I use a sketch, my layout ends up looking nothing like the sketch. But the great thing is that the sketch gave me a starting point and I could then work from there.

The sketches in the book are organized by the amount of photos you want to include in the layout. Almost all of the layout examples are 2-page layouts. I appreciate this because I know that many people prefer 2-pages layouts, but most of the ideas featured in scrapbook magazines are only 1-page layouts.

The layout examples in this book are pretty simple and could be duplicated quickly and without a lot of cost. All of the layouts have the supplies clearly written next to them in a good sized font that doesn’t require squinting to read like the usual tiny type found in most scrapbook idea books.

The book is printed on a heavyweight glossy cardstock that feels very durable. One of my favorite things about the book is that it is spiral bound so that it can lay open on your scrap table while you work.

This book is perfect for beginners who want that little extra help when getting a page started. This is also a nice book for more experience scrapbookers because the sketches will give you a good base from which you can build your layout.

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