Book Review: Rebuilding Attachments With Traumatized Children.


“Rebuilding Attachments with Traumatized Children: Healing from Losses, Violence, Abuse, and Neglect by: Dr. Richard Kagan This book was written for child and adolescent mental health professionals and trauma therapists. However, interested parents and caregivers may find the book helpful as well. Dr. Kagan has over 27 years of experience and clear compassion and love for children.

This book highlights the requirement and possibilities of helping a child rebuild attachments and trust. The main focus of this book is to help children develop self-esteem and overcome difficult experiences in their lives. Readers are given an emotional opportunity to feel the pain and identify with the perspectives of children in traumatic situations. The reader is also given examples of some of the strengths and weaknesses of the families and the potential for rebuilding connections and hope.

In this book a complete look into the issues of traumatized children is explored. Myths are dispelled and stereotypes broken. The readers mind is open and exposed to the pain, suffering, and emotional roller coaster some children have faced. The book is a therapeutic guide to helping traumatized children move past the troubled experiences.

This book is not a simple book to read, however parents dealing with the placement of a traumatized child may find it helpful in understanding. The book provides critical information on how to understand, the impact of loss, neglect, separation, and violence on a child’s development. The book offers advice on how to find the help build the strengths in children and their families. There is great information about rebuilding connections and hope with children who are not safe with themselves or others.

Even though it is a little clinical and not written for the average parent, this is one of the best books about child and adolescent trauma written. As I read this book I felt it had been written by a very compassionate person. I recommend anyone considering adopting a slightly older toddler or child consider ordering a copy of this book. If you are interested you can order a copy of, “Rebuilding Attachments with Traumatized Children: Healing from Losses, Violence, Abuse, and Neglect by: Dr. Richard Kagan Here.

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