Book Review: Scrap Everything by Leslie Gould

Our quest for having friends, being a friend and finding our way by making contributions to others are some of the challenges that many of us deal with on a daily basis. In the new book Scrap Everything by Leslie Gould, you get to enter the lives of two women who are learning just what it means to be a true friend and learn about trusting that things will work out just as they should.

The book opens with Elsie, a military wife, and her family moving to a small town. She does not want to be there, especially after her husband is called back to the army. She meets a group of woman at a new scrapbook store after her husband encourage her to attend a crop there to get to know some new people. This scrapbook shop is where many of the events of the story take place. Although scrapbooking is not the focus of this book, it is fun to see it featured as an important hobby throughout the book.

The scrapbook storeowner, Rebekah, is another woman who has many struggles in her life; mostly due to the medical crisis her daughter goes though during the book. She knows when she meets Elsie that they will become friends, but she is not sure why since they do not seem to have very much in common.

Neither Elsie nor Rebekah think that they are the type of person she would choose to be a friend with, they learn throughout the book that they need to be more trusting of what God’s plan is for them rather than relying on their own fears and dream to guide their lives.

This is a wonderful story full of many important life lessons. This addresses many aspects of life that many women face: raising defiant children, coordinating children’s, sports schedules, balancing work and home responsibilities, and medical issues. There is something in this book that most women will be able to relate to and feel like they can understand the feelings of the characters.

This 320-page book kept me reading and I enjoyed reading it in just one day. It was uplifting and a great reminder of how we should learn to live our lives: more faith and more kindness.

It would make a wonderful gift for a mother, sister or friend.

This book was released for purchase on October 10 and is available to purchase here.

You can visit the author’s website to learn more about this book and her other two books.