Book Review – Scrap Everything by Leslie Gould

Scrapbooking is my passion. My hobby. My lifeline. And I seek it out, anywhere I go. I tend to notice signs, posters, books, magazines, or any other reference to it, when I’m out and about. I cannot help it, and it’s probably a border line addiction. Do they have a Scrapaholics Anonymous?

So when I found out that author’s were starting to write books, that somehow incorporated scrapbooking into the pages of their novels, I was surprised, curious and excited. One thing I absolutely do not like, when reading any book, is reading a topic that sounds forced or just stuck in, like it was an after thought. So when I begin any book that is supposedly dealing with fictional scrapbooking, I cringe, until I begin to read. I want it to be believable.

Enter my latest read: Scrap Everything by Leslie Gould. I wasn’t real sure about the book from the very start. I hadn’t read much about it, and a friend recommended it. I never do well with recommendations from friends, so I was wary to say the least. I requested it from my local library branch and when I picked it up, I became even more worried. The book was a huge hardback that was totally in large print. I have no eyesight issues, and found it strange that a book be in large print only.

When I opened the book, as I stretched out on the beach dipping into the lake by our new home, all I wanted was a fun, easy read. I had brought two other books in case this book did not pan out.

First, Scrap Everything is the story about two women, and how their lives connect. Tragedies, and mishaps occur, and it is the basis of how their connection grows stronger. Yes, there is scrapbooking. In fact, one of the women owns a scrapbooking store. This in itself made the story much more believable rather than throwing in pieces here and there.

Second, the plot was great, I found myself dying to turn the page and read what happens next, and as the book was coming to an end, I wanted to add 25 more pages so I could keep reading. I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I absolutely, positively, enjoyed the fun summer read!

If you are an avid scrapbooker and love to read, I recommend Leslie Gould’s Scrap Everything, for a little break from reality and a great read!

Have you read any other great books that touch on scrapbooking?