Book Review: So Glad We Waited

I ran across this great little book, while browsing the shelves at my local library. The author offers some really useful information for the mid-life mom. The book is called So Glad We Waited, A Hand-holding Guide for Over 35 Parents by Lois Nachmamie. In the book she talks about subjects that may concern many of us , like how to handle being sleep deprived and menopausal at the same time and how to meet your child’s needs while not indulging their every whim (something many older parents do).

Another chapter I found helpful was on how to transition from being a couple to being a family. No matter how ready you think you are before the baby is born, it’s a big adjustment to make when you have lived so long without the pitter patter of tiny little feet. The book offers real-life scenarios from older moms which adds a personal touch. The chapter entitled Bifocals and Barney, although it has a comic ring , was really quite informative. The author starts the chapter off with some funny yet true one-liners

Q: How do you know you’re an older parent?

A: When you need your bifocals to see if your nursing infant is properly plugged in to your nummy.


When somebody calls you grandma.

She goes on to talk about some important issues like physical aspects of being older such as our changing reproductive system and our self-image. She concludes with some very helpful hints including information about nutrition and exercise. And she also offers this little tidbit– seems like women who have babies unassisted past the age of 40 are four times as likely to live to be 100!

Other chapters in the book include information on childcare, careers and discipline. It’s a great quick read. If you can get your hands on a copy at your local library, check it out, or go to for a copy.