Book Review: Yoga and Optimum Health After 40

Yoga offers abundant physical, mental and spiritual benefits at all phases of life. As we age, yoga helps us age gracefully and maintain health, wellness, flexibility, balance and general physical and emotional wellness. Yoga and Optimum Health After 40 by Yvonne Seltzer is written for the over 40 crowd and is a good read for people new to yoga and those already practicing yoga.

The book addresses the benefits of yoga for a wide range of conditions that increase after age 40, as well as general anti-aging benefits of yoga and how yoga and a healthy lifestyle can promote healthy aging. The book addresses several conditions, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, weight problems, depression, stress and more.

Yoga can help you look and feel younger in your face and body. The improved posture, flexibility and balance that come with a regular yoga practice makes you appear younger and move easier and more gracefully.

The author begins with a discussion of yoga and the general benefits of yoga, including the anti-aging benefits of yoga and how your practice and yoga lifestyle can help you age healthy. The book then moves on to specific topics and health conditions associated with aging, including stress, heart disease and other conditions, including how yoga can help in preventing and improving these health conditions.

The book includes several factors associated with the yoga lifestyle and beneficial to people over 40, such as nutrition and well-being. You will learn how a healthful diet, yoga, breathing and meditation can help your overall health and create a sense of peace and well-being in your life.

In addition to the physical practice of yoga, the author includes information about how meditation and relaxation can reduce stress and help you live healthy at any age. There are chapters on deep relaxation, meditation and visualization for wellness and aging healthy and gracefully.

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