Boost Your Blog Traffic: The Instructional Post

Need some new ideas for your blog? Have you tried the instructional post? This is one of the most popular types of blog posts in that it generally beings in lots of traffic. But what is an instructional post? Read below to learn all about it, including some tips to get you started.

An instructional post is a blog post that tells or teaches people how to do something or offers tips on how to do something better. It is the opportunity for visitors to your blog to learn something new. An instructional post can be on almost any topic. For example:

  • How to rid a cat of fleas
  • Making your own cloth diapers
  • A recipe for apple pie
  • How to buy stocks online
  • How I keep the rabbits out of my carrots
  • Building a humane mousetrap
  • Tips on downloading music legally

A good example of an instructional post can be seen here, in an article I wrote for the Frugal Living Blog, Frugal Laundry: Make Your Own “Detergent.” In that article, I offer clear instructions that help people save money when they do their laundry.

An instructional blog post is sure to boost traffic to your site. Visitors really love any kids of tip, and they will often promote your instructional post by providing a link from their websites to yours. Instructional blogs makes readers loyal. They want to come back to your blog over and over again, because they never know what new they might learn how to do.

Another way that an instructional blog post boost traffic is by bringing people in from a search engine. One of the main reasons that people surf the web is to find out how to do something. If you have a lot of instructional posts, your website will rise to the top of the ranks like cream.

Mary Ann Romans also writes for the Frugal Living Blog here at, where she shares money saving tips for today’s families.

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