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When it comes to creating visually appealing page borders for scrapbook layouts, nothing beats free. Earlier this year I got hooked on rubber stamps. During that time I used just about every stamp set available to design eye-popping page borders and photo frames. Now, I am all stamped out.

Whereas I considered seguing to stickers, my friend had an even better idea—-free printable borders. I’ve known for quite some time that you could print out free scrapbook borders online, but up until now I hadn’t really explored the option. Much to my surprise the Internet is an amazing venue for collecting a wide array of incredible page borders.

Some of my favorite online stores offering free printables include ScrapbookScrapbook, Creativity Portal and Family Fun. Each site features hundreds of free borders that you can print from the comfort of your own home. Just remember to stock your printer with acid free paper before hitting the “print” button. Also, be sure to examine your freshly printed pages before storing them. Look for ink smears or discolored spots. If you find some flaws, print the borders again. Since it’s a free service you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if the first set comes out a bit distorted.

Besides being one of the most affordable means to make pages pop, printable scrapbook borders are also one of the best looking embellishments. What’s more, they can be scaled to fit any layout. For example, if you need a border to be two inches thick for one layout and an inch thick for another page design, you can simply use image editing software to modify the size of the border to suit your layout.

Another bonus is that you can customize the colors of free printable borders. All you need to do is use different shades of paper. If you really like the look of a specific border, then simply feed a rainbow of colored paper into your printer and use the finished product on different layouts.

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