“Boy Meets World” Sequel to Air on Disney Channel

Heads up, children of the 90s: according to Entertainment Weekly, the Disney Channel is planning a “Boy Meets World” sequel. The teen sitcom, which aired in the 1990s as part of ABC’S “TGIF” Friday night lineup, starred Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, a kid growing up in suburban Philadelphia. I was a kid growing up in suburban Philadelphia, just a bit younger than Cory.

Of all the childhood shows that had a strong influence on my development, “Boy Meets World” wasn’t one of them. But it’s a show that I enjoyed and watched faithfully from beginning to end, so the news certainly has my ears perked up.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a retread of my gloom, doom, and shock from the Disney-Lucasfilm buyout. I actually think the Disney Channel has a really interesting idea for the “Boy Meets World” sequel, tentatively titled “Girl Meets World.” The show would really be more of a spinoff from the original, starring Cory and Tapanga’s daughter.

For those who didn’t follow the original, Cory and Tapanga were childhood sweethearts who married when they were in college, in the final years of the show. It would actually be really cool to continue the show with their daughter. It’s a neat way to bridge the gap from the old series, instead of just making it a sequel in spirit, while still introducing new characters and stories.

Michael Jacobs, the man who created “Boy Meets World,” has signed on for the pilot deal on the Disney Channel. This means that although it sounds like the show will try to do its own thing, it also has the greatest chance of having the same charming tone as its original.

I’m really glad that the Disney Channel is going in this direction with a “Boy Meets World” spinoff. No one (well, maybe a few people) would want to see the gang 10-15 years later. It would be an entirely different show, and honestly would by nature (given the age of its stars) have to focus on topics and issues that wouldn’t really resonate with the Disney Channel’s primary audience.

But diehard “Boy Meets World” fans shouldn’t despair. “Girl Meets World” will be set in the same universe as the original. I’m sure we’ll get cameos from all the old characters; I really hope that they do as little recasting as possible, and try to bring back as many of the old actors as they can. I don’t want them to have major roles on the show, but it would be fun to see them once in a while.

No word yet on when the show will start, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits airwaves sometime in 2013.

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