Brand Yourself

Branding yourself is important in a virtual or non virtual business world. Branding yourself and your company will make you more visible. Visibility is one key component to business success. If no one knows who you are or what you do they cannot hire you, buy from you, or work with you. Having a brand gives you instant credibility and expert status. There are thousands of business owners in your field so appearing to be an expert will be crucial to growing your business. Of course, this is not to be confused with smoke and mirrors. Smoke fades and mirrors break. You must be genuine and represent yourself fairly.

Steps to Brand Yourself:

You will need a blog or website with the domain name as your full name. You want to own your name on the net. If someone looks up John Jacob Jinglehiemer Smith you do not want your customers visiting the other one’s site. On your site put all your social media links and business background.

Expand your expertise by studying a niche area related to your business. For instance, my business benefits from my experience as a publisher of educational studies. My business would not benefit from becoming an expert in dolphin training so there is no need to waste my time taking the classes in Bermuda. You need to expand your horizons within the realm of your business. If you are known then your business will be known.

Networking needs to be a priority. It is often the thing that gets left behind because we are so busy building the nuts and bolts of our business. However, once we put the hammer down and we are ready for customers you will lack a client base. You are not wasting time networking on social media sites or in our offline life. Find business groups offline and join social media sites online to promote your business.

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