Breathing New Life Into Old Supplies: Buttons

Everyday it seems there is some new scrapbook supply or technique on the market. With all the new, fun stuff to try out, often the most basic supplies get overlooked.

Buttons are a perfect example of this. They are available in a large variety of sizes and colors, shapes and textures. They are so easy to use on a scrapbook page layout and in other paper projects. Here are a couple of new ways, to use those old buttons in your stash.

scrapbooking layouts buttonsCreate bullet points for a list. Using the buttons as the bullet, make lists to include on your layout. In this layout I listed things about my daughter and her friends friendship.

You can use your buttons to become the center of flowers. If you make a larger flower, use several in a cluster.

Use buttons in your title. Either create the title out of small buttons, or use the button to dot your “i” or “j” or to become an “o”.

scrapbooking layouts buttonsAllow them to draw focus to a particular photo by placing them below or to the side of the photo as an embellishment.

Add buttons to the end of ribbon or along the length of ribbon on a layout.

Use them to border a photo, or a shape on your layout.

A row of different shaped and sized buttons, creates a unique and colorful border.

When it’s time to finally adhere your buttons to your layout, I recommend using glue dots. They are a more secure adhesive for the bulkier button on your layout. You can also use a needle and thread and sew the button directly onto the layout just as you would a piece of fabric.

The possibilities for your buttons are endless. Be creative and you can find so many fun things to do with a button!