Brigitte Neilsen – Sober and Happy

While the news of Lindsay Lohan’s relapse is upsetting, there is another celebrity who is touting her sobriety – former Red Sonja actress turned reality star Brigitte Nielsen. Red Sonja wasn’t my kind of movie, but I did become a bit of a Brigitte fan when she married one of my favorite actors, Sylvester Stallone. That romance went down like in flames like an F-14, but The Great Dane kept busy with her career, appearing mainly soon forgotten films, made for tv movies, and recording music.

But, once she decided to star in the Surreal Life, she found a second career as a reality star. I loved her on the show, but in the house, she was hardly ever seen without a drink in her hand and appeared drunk on camera on several occasions. She started a true or true for television romance with iconic rapper Flavor Flav. Fans loved the two so much that we were treated to “Strange Love,” the VH1 show that chronicled their “love” affair.

Brigitte was invited to attend Comedy Central’s roast of Flavor Flav last Sunday. It was her first appearance since attending rehab for alcohol abuse. Brigitte said it was the first time she had appeared sober on a television show in three years. But, while she said it had not been easy, it felt good. She told the audience during the show that she had been in rehab for a few weeks and that something within her just told her it was time to change. But, she did reveal she was happy to be out of rehab. The 44-year-old actress was proud of her almost 20 days sober and said she hoped to stay that way. Next up on her agenda is getting back in shape physically.

Brigitte Neilsen Facts:

– Brigitte has been married five times and has four children.

– Brigitte is 6’ 1”

– She speaks Danish, Italian, English and German.

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