Bringing Home the Bacon Will Cost You More

If you love your bacon, then you’ll want to read this post. Bacon prices are predicted to go up very soon. Bringing home the bacon will start costing you more money.

Bacon has already been scaling up in price. In fact, it is 200 percent more expensive this year than it was last year. According to CNN Money, the price of bacon will continue to rise.

The main reason why bacon is so expensive is that the farmers who grow the hogs have reduced the number of hogs that they produce. This makes the bacon more scarce and drives the prices up. Further reductions in hogs will make the prices go up even more.

So how can you deal with this and still be frugal? There are a few strategies that you can try.

You can try switching over to other products instead of bacon. My family really enjoys turkey bacon. It is a healthier and less expensive option. Not all turkey bacon is created equal though. You may have to try a few different brands until you find one that you really like.

You can also incorporate bacon flavor with bacon bits. of course this doesn’t give you the satisfaction of eating the bacon itself.

You can stock up on regular bacon now. Bacon can be frozen. You’ll want to roll it in parchment paper and then freeze it. This is a short term solution, though, as bacon is best kept in the freezer for only a month when it is uncooked.

If you live in or close to a rural area, you may be able to buy your bacon straight from the source, such as a local farm. The farmer, not having to transport the bacon, may be willing to give you a really good deal. The more you buy, the more you’ll save, so you might want to get a few friends involved with the purchase.

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