Budget Recipes : Taco Tuesday!

Tacos Does your family enjoy “Taco Tuesday”? The tacos at your favorite Mexican restaurant might be cheaper on Tuesday nights, but, this could still become an expensive meal if you have a large family to feed. This week, have “Taco Tuesday” at home, with the Budget Recipe for Taco Tuesdays.

Many Mexican restaurants sell tacos for a lower price than usual on Tuesday nights. Unfortunately, the drinks, chips, desserts, and everything else on the menu, is at the usual price. This could make “Taco Tuesday” a much more expensive dinner than you may have expected it would be! This week, make your own tacos at home from ingredients that are on sale at Albertsons, (or Jewel).

This week, the Albertsons 96% lean ground beef is $5.79 a pound. Tomatoes on the Vine are $2.49 a pound, and Fresh Express Complete Salad kits are 2 for $6.00. Pace Picante Sauce or Salsa OR Mission tortilla chips are 2 for $4.00. (I think you are allowed to choose one or the other for this deal). Or, if you prefer, you can instead choose La Victoria Salsa or Las Palmas Enchilada Salsa, which are 2 for $5.00. (Again, you have to choose one of these two types for this deal). Guerrero flour tortillas are 2 for $3.00. You have to use your Preferred Rewards Card to get these deals.

Cooks.com has a really simple recipe for “Ultimate Tacos”. It won’t take very much time to make this recipe for dinner. You can easily alter this recipe to suit your family’s tastes.

You will need:

One pound of ground beef

One packet of taco seasoning

One medium tomato, (cut into small pieces, or diced)

One cup of shredded lettuce (which you can take right out of the salad kits)

Sliced ripe olives (Or a small can of black olives)

Shredded cheese

Sour cream (if your family likes it)


Soft flour taco tortillas

Step One: Put a pan on the stove. Crumble and brown the ground beef.

Step Two: Drain the grease out of the beef.

Step Three: Add the package of seasonings to the ground beef. If the package says to add water, then do it. Mix this into the ground beef.

Step Four: (Optional) Heat up the flour tortillas. If you know how to flip them over a burner on the stove, then do that. Or, you can heat them for a few seconds in the microwave. Do this right before you are ready to serve.

Step Five: If your kids are old enough to serve themselves, then you can set up all the other ingredients on the counter, or across the middle of the dinner table, and let them put together their own tacos to suit their own tastes. Otherwise, an adult will need to help with this part of dinner.

The Budget Recipe for Taco Tuesday is going to cost less per person that it would if you took your whole family to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner. It is going to be healthier, too, since all these ingredients are fresh, and nothing has been deep fried. You can serve the tacos with your favorite salsa and some tortilla chips, to add a little extra to the meal.

Image by Evan P. Cordes on Flickr