Build a Basic Scrapbook Space on a Budget

Doesn’t every scrapbooker dream of having their own scrapbook space? We want a place all our own where we can store our supplies and have room to work and crop and make layouts into the wee hours of the morn.

However, often cost is a factor when trying to budget in this precious space of our own. So what if I told you it can be done on a budget? You might even be able to use some items you already have on hand.

I’m getting ready to move and having a scrap space is an important factor in my move. I must have a place where I can store my supplies, create until my creativity runs out (yes, it happens), and a place where I can even crop with a friend if I want.

Building a scrap space starts with the basics.

scrapbooking tables storage organizationThe first item you’ll need is a table. Depending on your preferences, any flat work space will do. For my table, I chose this one from Target. They come in 4’, 5’ and 6’ sizes all priced at under $60.00.

scrapbooking paper storage organizationThe next item I needed was a place to store all my paper. Between patterned paper and cardstock, I have a lot of paper. While I found many different options for paper storage, I firmly believe it’s a personal choice. For my storage I chose something I had already purchased. The infamous target cubes. They come unassembled and you can store them vertically or horizontally. I believe the original target cubes are no longer available; however they have replaced them with this truly innovative paper system. Mine cost me $15.00.

scrapbooking drawer storage organizationA truly organized scrapbook space would just not be very effective without some type of drawer system to keep your supplies close at hand. For most of my supplies I chose an Iris Cart. Iris is the brand name, though these carts come in other brands as well. They also come in all shapes and sizes. Shop around to find the best prices. They come in black and white typically.

This basic unit – the table, paper storage and drawer system cost approx $115 total. Not bad for a nice scrap space.

Please watch my blog for further articles on scrap spaces, including a more advanced scrap space on a budget.