Builder’s Responsibility

Building a home is an exciting time, a moment in life when you can finally take everything or at least most of what you want and create your dream house. However, to ensure you get quality, you need to work with a good builder who has very specific of responsibilities. When researching your options for a new builder, consider some of these issues. Remember, while it takes a little time to do research, it is imperative to have a good understanding of what builders do.

For starters, there is roofing. You want to choose a builder that will use the appropriate materials, as well as design to avoid damaging leakage. Typically, you would have your choice of roofing type, which will vary in price. If you can afford it, we would highly recommend a 30-year Timberline, which looks amazing. If possible, take time to educate yourself somewhat on roofing so you know the right questions to ask any potential builders.

For framing, learn about the type of joists and trusses used. Talk with builders to find out the way in which these are designed to stop squeaks in the flooring, while creating a strong structure. Then, what size of lumber would the builder be using. In fact, you could go as far as asking various builders why their specific technique would put them out in front of the other competition.

Drywall and stucco are also important. For this, determine the way in which the builder would $wrap the house, as well as how any exterior details of the home would be handled. You should also know what methods would be used to prevent nails from resurfacing, cracking, and problems with separation. Now, if you plan to have stucco added to the exterior of the home, you should work closely with your builder in choosing the best material you can afford.

Other important aspects of building a home have to do with HVAC, windows, concrete foundations, insulation, appliance, interior features, and most importantly, warranty. For HVAC, try to understand the way the builder plans to deal with both hot and cold zones within the home. As far as windows, you can spend a fortune but you will also find several affordable options. Typically, the most important aspect of choosing windows has to do with energy efficiency.

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