Bullet Point Journaling

Are you looking for a new way to add your written or typed words to a scrapbook page and add a bit of flair at the same time? Consider using bullet point journaling as a method to tell your story or explain the information you want to provide on your layouts. It is a quick and easy way to journal, and it looks great.

Bullet point journaling allows you to make lists instead of having to write any type of story or think about how you want to word something. At the same time, it can still be sure to get your point across and tell something about the photographs on the page.

In my example to the right, you can see I did bullet point journaling and listed facts that we learned on our vacation to Mark Twain’s birthplace. I also did a second type of bullet point journaling on the same scrapbook layout, where I created a list of items in addition to using the facts. For this page the second type is a list of things that we loved the most about our visit to Hannibal, Missouri.

Bullet point journaling works great for all types of things, but especially for favorites pages. You can create lists of favorite foods, activities, TV shows, movies, sports teams, etc.

It can also be fun when you are doing baby pages and you want to do a list of their first. First words can be bullet pointed. First foods can be bullet pointed. There are dozens of ways you can use bullet journaling.

Not only that, but if you are not a nut like I am and try to cram tons of facts onto one scrapbook page, bullet point journaling boxes typically take up very little room on the page allowing for more photographs.

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