Business Idea: Baking

Everyone loves fresh baked goods. I could use a few right now. Yet, like me, many do not have the time to bake even if they love it. If you are always being asked to bring your baked goods to parties or you enjoy decorating cakes then you may have found the perfect business for you.

What do you need?

Business license: Check with your attorney general to see what you need legally to start your business.

Clean Kitchen Area: You may be subject to health inspections so be aware of what will be required or expected. Even if you are not subject to these checks I trust you will maintain a clean area for the sake of your customers.

Clients: If you have no one to sell your baked goods to then you do not have a business. So, you first need to decide on your niche. Will you bake for friends and family, events, corporate events, church events, weddings or at craft shows or fairs? You cannot suit every need or situation nor should you try. Save yourself time and money by deciding what type of baking business you will accommodate.

Menu: You will want to offer a variety of baked goods. However, you may want to have a few signature items that everyone craves and tells their friends about. Ask your friends and family what their favorites are that you make for ideas. Play to your audience as well. Do you think your clients would like giant size offerings, low fat offerings, organic offerings, or mini sized offerings?

Ways to Advertise:

Word of Mouth: We all know nothing else compares. So give a flyer or business card to your family and friends to give to their friends and co-workers. You may want to offer coupons or discounts to those your friends referred along with your friends to increase your name getting out there.

Tasting Event: Plan to have a tasting event at your home, your friend’s home, a church or other facility. Have a wide array of your goodies ready for tasting for free. Make sure you have a sign up sheet and pricing guide ready.

Drop Off Trays: If you are targeting businesses, you may want to make sample platters and drop them off at businesses. Don’t get discouraged you may have to drop off a few trays before they order.

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