Business…or Play?

It’s been said that the luckiest people are those who love what they do so much for work that it doesn’t even seem like work. I’ve seen and read interviews with people who say that they would do their jobs even if they weren’t getting paid. While I feel incredibly lucky to do work that I basically like, and there are parts of it that I’m actually quite smitten with—I don’t know that I consider a lot of what I do to put food on the table to be play…

I suppose that if a person is going to go out on a limb, and take the risk to start a home business, it should be something that person genuinely likes doing. After all, starting a business should be different from just taking a “traditional” job to pay the rent. But, we might be drawn to something we CAN do well, not necessarily something we are intensely passionate about. Does that mean we’re doing the whole “home business” thing wrong? Not necessarily. Perhaps we can find ways to bring joy and play into our work regardless of what we’re actually doing?

I am definitely NOT from the “work is work and play is play” school. I believe we can incorporate plenty of play into our work, and that sometimes, play can be an awfully lot of work! I would love to hear from some of you others out there who have started a home business about whether you are consciously trying to make your business more fun and incorporate a more playful approach—or whether you feel a strong separation between work time and play time (or even if you have a philosophy that falls somewhere in between). Are you clearly operating a home business or are you doing something that is so delightful, you’d do it even if you weren’t getting paid?

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