Button Flowers

I love this craft. It’s very simple, and yet beautiful in a quirky, vintage way. They kind of remind me a Dr. Seuss looking plant. To make your own, all you need are some buttons of varying sizes, wire, and some wire cutters.

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I used silver 20 gauge wire and gold florist wire. Both worked fine. The thinner wire is easier to cut and to work with, but wire that is too thin won’t hold up the buttons.

Pick out some interesting buttons.

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I’m lucky to have some interesting buttons that belonged to my grandmother. You do want buttons with holes on the top. They can have two holes or four, it doesn’t matter. I tried a button with the hole on the bottom, thinking it might look like a flower bud and be interesting contrast to the full blooming button flowers. It didn’t. It looked like a sad drooping button stuck on a wire.

You can make the flower with just one button, or stack two buttons together for added interest. Thread wire through the bottom of the buttons, and back down.

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Pull the wire so that it is flush with the buttons. Twist the wire together below the buttons to form the stem. You can also come down a little on the stem and put another button or two. I also like the look of using a pearl or crystal bead for the top of the button.

It does take a little coordination and hand strength to twist the wires which makes this a great project for elementary school age kids and older. A few button flowers in a tiny vase would be a cute Mother’s Day gift. They are also a charming little arrangement for a sewing nook.

I didn’t have a vase small enough, but that’s okay. I like the spool of thread as a vase.

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