Buy One Get One Free Vitamins – Plus Coupons

I’m a firm believer in supplements. Not because they are better than eating whole foods (they aren’t), but because since I’ve been tracking exactly what I eat, the areas in which I am lacking are now very clear. I take a daily prenatal vitamin. I’m neither pregnant nor likely to become so, but the prenatal contains folic acid that helps prevent the neuropathy that is common among diabetics. It still doesn’t cover everything.

Though the jury is still out, I have found that my blood sugars are somewhat better when I am taking chromium piccolate. I was surprised when looking at the nutritional summary in my tracking program to see that I’m lacking in Vitamin D and calcium, even taking into account the multivitamin. We don’t do a lot of dairy products in our house and that’s probably why. So I will be adding cod liver oil (yum!). The other shocker was that I’m deficient in Vitamin C. I’ll be heading out tomorrow to take advantage of the deal below and stock up.

Both Walgreens and CVS have Nature Made Vitamins on sale at Buy One Get One Free. That’s a good deal! Sign up at the Nature Made site to get printable coupons. You’ll be able to print coupons for $3 off any Vitamin C or Vitamin E, $2 off any Nature Made, $3 off any Health Solutions (TripleFlex, CholestOff, MoodPlus), and $2 off any Multivitamin. My Walgreens won’t take these on the free one, but they will take it off the first one. According to, 100 capsules of NatureMade 500mg Vitamin C are as low as $4.49. With $3 off, that’s only $1.49 for two bottles! The coupons change it from a good deal to a dynamite deal.Dynamite

If you eat a very well rounded diet of whole foods, you may not need supplements. For the rest of us, they are a valuable addition to our health regimen.

Zum Wohl! (To your good health)

Link to Walgreens prices on NatureMade
Link to NatureMade coupons