Buying Baby’s First Outfit

Today I bought the outfit our baby will wear home from the hospital. This is our fourth baby, but shopping for the first outfit never gets old for me. I love looking at all the newborn clothes and imagining taking pictures and welcoming our new little one into our family.

You have a variety of options for clothes to bring home baby. Some moms go for the very dressy, frilly looking outfits, while others just choose a comfortable outfit or a cute sleeper. Our first three babies were girls and I was always attracted to the cute dresses. My husband thought they were uncomfortable and preferred to dress the girls in sleepers.

A cute neutral sleeper is your best bet, if you haven’t found out the baby’s gender. Another option in this case is to buy two outfits, one for a boy and one for a girl. You can save the one you don’t use as a gift for a friend’s baby. If you don’t have any plans to give away the spare outfit, consider donating it to a charitable organization and help out another mom.

The weather is another consideration when buying baby’s first outfit. Consider the month of your due date when shopping. If you are due at the height of the summer, you will want to look for lightweight material that breathes and won’t overheat the baby. If you are due in the winter, you will want a warmer outfit. Winter babies will need a snowsuit for going outside.

The baby will need a blanket in any season. Lightweight cotton receiving blankets are nice for warm weather babies. Winter babies may need something warmer, such as wool or fleece. A hat is needed in summer and winter. Hats protect the baby’s head from the summer sun and winter chill. Socks or booties will complete the ensemble.

Our son is due in July, so I was looking at summer clothes. I was tempted by a cute pair of denim overalls. I even had them in the cart. Then I remembered my husband’s aversion to uncomfortable clothing. I put back the overalls and picked out a cute, cotton romper. It is light blue with a beach theme.

Once I had chosen the outfit, I saw the little matching hats and picked out a cute denim one that has a beach theme. Then I got matching socks and a lightweight receiving blanket in the same blue as the outfit. Now all we are waiting for is the baby.

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