Buying the Right Skates – BIG Difference

To enjoy roller or ice-skating to the fullest, as well optimal safety, it is imperative that you buy the best possible skates for the money.
Roller and ice skating are outdoor activities that has been enjoyed for a long time. The key to optimal enjoyment is wearing the right type and size skates. Without the right skates, you will find your ankles wobble and you fall.

However, with the right skates sitting snugly on your feet, you will feel more confident, thus have a much better time. Obviously, you first need to determine the type of skating you plan to do so you can choose the best skate, which would include inline that cover categories such as aggressive, artistic, fitness and recreational, hockey, and speed.
Remember that just because you purchase one type of skate does not mean you are limited to that type of skating. For instance, if you were to buy fitness and recreational skates, you could still participate in a competitive game of hockey and vice versa. However, by choosing the appropriate skate for the type of skating you plan to do, you will probably feel more comfortable.

For aggressive skates, you would find skates to be highly durable and tough. Typically, these skates are designed of thick plastic that can withstand the toughest of skating. The wheels are smaller than other skates, allowing better maneuverability. Aggressive skates also include grind plates to help protect the boot part when performing your stunts.
Artistic skates are what you would see in ice dancing and figure skating. Although these skates are similar to traditional skates, the wheels are smaller for better maneuverability. The latest and greatest on the market today has three wheels, with the front wheels and back wheels having a different degree of hardness from the middle wheel so you get the benefit of better spinning and turning.

For fitness and recreational skates, you have the standard four wheels. Made from hard plastic, this design provides you with much more ankle support. These skates now come in a soft boot design, which is extremely comfortable. However, when going this route, make sure there is a plastic cuff for good ankle support. You can use fitness and recreational skates in skating rinks, as well as downhill.

Hockey skates have a unique design for quick turns and easy maneuverability. Most often, these skates are made from leather and would be made to fit tight so the required moves on the ice can be made with confidence.

Speed skates are the last category, which are lightweight and designed for speed. These skates have a low-cut leather boot without ankle support. The long wheelbase is comprised of five oversized wheels, specifically made for extra fast speed. Keep in mind that speed skates are for people with experience who have the skill and training to go fast, not for beginners.

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