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Yoga practice requires movement into a variety of poses. The poses range from simple to more complex asanas. Due to the freedom of movement required in a yoga practice, the right clothing is essential. Yoga apparel is expensive in specialty shops and some studios, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to have comfortable clothing.

Yoga clothing can often be found through online retailers at an affordable price. The downside to this idea is that you can’t try on the clothes before buying, so be careful about size selection. Some discount stores, such as Target, have yoga pants and shirts at lower prices. I’ve gotten pants for as little as $10 on sale at Target and a shirt for $7.

Comfort is an important factor when selecting clothes for your yoga practice. The clothing you choose should not inhibit movement and should allow freedom of movement from asana to asana.

On the other hand, don’t choose clothing that is too loose. I learned this one the hard way. Once I wore loose fitting clothes to class and ended up with my shirt to my chin in downward facing dog. This is not a pretty sight when new mommy flabby belly is showing. So the lesson is to choose lightweight clothing that breathes well, but skip the baggy T shirts.

Elastic waist pants and stretchy materials work well. Some brands of yoga clothing are made with a blend of materials, including spandex that stretches well during movement, but also stays put where needed.

A comfortable and well fitted bra is important, especially for large breasted women. Some women find wearing a sports bra is good for support and comfort, while allowing for freedom of movement without pinching or binding.

A good idea is to try on the outfit you are considering wearing to class and move around to make sure it’s comfortable. Try a few poses in the outfit to make sure you can move well and movements are not restricted. You may want to try downward facing dog or another inverted pose to make sure your shirt stays put too!

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