BYU’s Education Week

Education Week is an annual event that takes place each year at BYU in August. It is a truly wonderful experience, as you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and classes each day on topics that relate to the gospel and other areas of your life. This year education week is August 21-25, 2006. Classes are available for anyone over the age of fourteen.

There will be several classes offered for youth between the ages of 14-18 and in past years they have fund activities for the youth to attend. However this is not a camp like EFY and so you should plan to accompany your youth to the campus, because you will be responsible for them.

Campus housing is available, although early registration for that has ended. You will need to contact the program to see if there is any housing available to suit your needs. There are several hotels and other options available in and around Provo, but you should book a room well in advance, since so many people do attend Education Week each year.

This year there will be over 1,000 classes offered. You can register for Education Week right now. The cost for the entire week is $54.00 per person or $51.00 if you are a senior. If you want to attend Tuesday-Friday the cost is $42.00 per person or $39.00 if you are a senior. If you only want to attend in the mornings (8:30-12:05) or the afternoons (12:30-4:05) or the evenings (4:30-9:35), it is $21.00 for those sessions. This might be a way for you to trade babysitting with a friend or a spouse. To attend on Monday only it is $13.00.

You can volunteer to be host for one of the sessions (morning, afternoon, or evening) during the week and receive a free pass to attend the other sessions. You will need to volunteer for at least four days to earn the pass. This would be great if you want to attend, but are not sure that you can afford it.

If you are not in Utah, and can’t travel there during education week there will be rebroadcasts of certain classes at later dates on BYUTV and through your local church buildings. This would be a great opportunity to learn and a chance to recharge yourself.