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I’m more J.Crew than JWoww, which is probably why I love, love’s super fab new photo calendars.

The company, which embraces innovative indie designs, recently released a line of photo-licious 2011 calendars that are 100 percent customizable. Which means conservative yet trendy (okay, wannabe trendy) moms like me can now covet calendars the way they do holiday cards.

I know what you’re thinking: Photo calendars as Christmas gifts… ho, ho, ho-hum.

Not this year. Believe me; if there is anyone, who is hair-triggered to place her kid’s adorable mug on a mug, mouse pad, tote bag or calendar, it’s me. (With a face as scrumptious as this, you would too.)

And I have. Every. Single. Year.

Yes, every single year my child has been alive, I have gifted the grandparents with a photo calendar featuring their favorite granddaughter. Okay, only granddaughter. However, this year, my child’s candid photos won’t be the only thing gramps and grams will be raving about.


Minted’s new collection of stunning photo calendars are as fresh as an icy peppermint stick on a piercing cold winter’s day. Forget about been there, done that designs that distort your child’s face, and cause the days of the week to bleed into one another. Minted’s photo calendars are made from high-quality paper and feature a bevy of cool colors, hip typefaces, original backgrounds, and modern layouts with catchy names like Chic Poppies and Float + Peace.

You can choose from two sizes:

The Standard (8″ x 11.5″): About the size of a traditional sheet of printer paper. Great for hanging on a cramped office wall. It also fits perfectly inside a leather binder for moms on the go.

The Grand (11.5″ x 14″): Almost double the size of the Standard. Ideal for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who want to show off their pride and joy 365 days in a row, and be able to see what month it is without having to use a magnifying glass.

Other highlights include sturdy binding, rounded corners, and the ability to customize your calendar to include birthdays. Minted will actually print a reminder of your loved ones’ birthdays on a specific date, so you have no reason not to celebrate the special occasions.


Another bonus is the paper. Minted uses amazingly thick textured paper which helps transform your photos into works of art. Choose your images just right and your calendar will look like it should be hanging in the Met. In fact, the calendar makes pictures appear so incredibly rich and vibrant that when the year is out, you should seriously consider cutting the photos out and adding them to your scrapbook. I’m planning to make photo ornaments from my outdated Minted calendar. Simply cut the photos from the calendar, laminate, punch a hole at the top, add a hook and presto! instant tree ornaments featuring faces you know and love.

To custom design your own Minted photo calendar, head over to the company’s website. If you order by this week you can have the completed calendar in your possession before the sunsets on 2010.

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