Calling the Wrong Name

In a few of our past articles, Courtney and I have both been discussing affairs, wrong doings, and relationship mistrust. Some of these issues have been mental, some emotional, and others physical. No matter which type it is, we have agreed that it is a serious issue and should be discussed.

I would like to somewhat continue our discussions of relationship mishaps. Today’s article is inspired from several different television show stories. However, the main one that comes to mind is Friends. Ross had several different relationship issues arise on the show.

One of the main occurrences that I can remember deals with Ross, Emily, and Rachel. During the wedding ceremony of Ross and Emily, Ross actually said Rachel’s name.

I think that saying the wrong name could be a very easy mishap that could occur. If a person was in a previous marriage or very serious relationship, it may be natural or habit to call out the wrong name. However, the mate will likely not appreciate the innocence and simplicity of the mistake.

Some names are miscalled due to other reasons rather than habit. If you are thinking of someone else or do have feelings for another the name may be called out because that is the person that is on your mind.

Either way, calling your mate by the wrong name is probably going to take a lot of explaining on your part.

In some cases, I have heard of mates calling out names in their sleep. There is no denying that you were dreaming of someone else if you call out a name while you are in your sleep!

Thankfully, I do not know of any personal real life situations where the wrong name calling has occurred. All of my experiences have been fictional television. However, I am sure that sure of you have either done it or experienced.

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