Can a Baby Save Your Marriage?

My last article began by introducing you to a story that Beth is discussing in Mental Health. In the story a wife only has sex with her husband to get pregnant. As her story turns out there is reason for the woman’s actions.

My article also began talking about partners that try to conceive without the knowledge or approval of the other mate. I described some of the various scenarios that I had heard of happening.

In some cases the partners trick or are not truthful to their mate about getting pregnant because they long so desperately for a baby. However in some cases, it is not necessarily wanting a baby that motivates the person to try to get pregnant without telling the partner.

Some women try to get pregnant in order to save the relationship. They feel that if a baby is in the picture, the man will not leave them.

So can having a baby save your relationship or marriage?

I think the answer is yes and no.

In some cases, marriages do become more stable and make it through when a baby is conceived. However it is not the baby that makes the marriage work. It is the realization from the pregnancy of what each partner could stand to lose. Partners may become closer and work harder to make the marriage last. However the issues that were causing the troubles still must be worked through.

Having a baby will not change any issues that existed before. In fact it can complicate some of them even more. Pregnancy can cause more emotional stress and tension in a relationship. In addition if the baby is conceived through deception and deceit of one partner, the communication and trust is broken.

Therefore, pregnancy is not a good idea for relationship enrichment during troubled times.