Can a Separation Help Your Marriage?

My focus for the day has been on legal separations and how to protect yourself when obtaining one.

Now that a legal separation has been defined and tips have been given the question is: can a separation be helpful to your marriage or do they always end in divorce?

Separation does not always lead to divorce. If you choose a separation over a divorce then you obviously still have feelings for one another and what to leave saving your marriage as an option.

If your marriage is rocky and the tension is high, a separation from your spouse may be what is needed to help your marriage last. Backing away and getting a view on life without each other can be just what is needed for a greater appreciation of what you have.

If you think that some time apart may be what is best for your marriage, make sure that you give it time. Being apart for a couple of days is not going to help you think through and realize anything. For most couples a few days apart is like a vacation rather than a realization.

In addition to ensuring that you give it adequate time, make sure that you keep your distance. If you have children, of course both parents will want to continue to spend time with them. However, being separated means being separate. Eating supper together every night and having your spouse back home every afternoon is not giving each other space.

In some cases, time apart can help a marriage grow. As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone”. However if your marriage is to the point that being together is no longer enjoyable or tolerable then you have a lot of work cut out for your future together. Either way, keep in mind that happiness is the ultimate goal.

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