Can You Feel Yourself Growing and Changing as a Parent?

I often talk about how my kids and I have influenced and affected each other. I know that they have picked up things from me, but I have picked up things from them too. I wondered if other parents can actually feel this growth and evolution? Can you look at who you used to be and who you are now and FEEL the difference?

There have been some pretty intense periods in my parenting career—times when I felt as though my skin was being stretched and my brain was imploding. I could literally feel myself being pushed and pulled into becoming a changed person. Those were the times when it became apparent that if I did not expand and change I was not going to be able to keep up with my children or meet the requirements of the direction my family was heading!

Other times, I have felt pretty stagnate. There are still other times when I feel old and out-of-touch and look at one or more of my children and I KNOW we are wondering who the other person is. All in all, however, I have been able to feel myself stretched and pushed and prodded into growth and change. I would have to say that parenthood has been more of a growing opportunity for me than anything else I have ever done in my life!

What about you? Can you think of any specific ways that parenthood has changed you? Can you think of times when you could feel yourself being forced to grow or change or evolve in one way or another? I do believe that our children are gifts and learning partners and not just individuals that we are supposed to teach and train. How have your children changed you and how have you been encouraged to grow through your parenting adventures?

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