Can You Homeschool When You’re Sick All the Time?

schoolRecently, one of my readers asked me if it’s possible to homeschool when you’re sick all the time. I’d like to take a moment to answer that question, coming from a place of experience because quite frankly, I’ve been sick most of my life. No need to go into a long list of all my ailments, but we’ll just say that health and I have not been the very best of friends.

First of all, yes, it’s extremely possible. You can adapt your schooling style to meet your own limitations. You can do low-key activities on days when your energy is flagging. You can sit and read quietly with your children on days when sitting is about the best you can do. If you’re down in bed, your children can bring their workbooks into your room and consult with you that way. There are also great children’s educational DVDs you can get from your library or through Netflix you can use to supplement teaching if you need to doze off for a bit during the afternoon.

I do encourage you, though, to evaluate your health situation. Not every illness allows for this kind of flexibility, and depending on your symptoms, you might not want to homeschool. It’s a decision you should make for yourself, doing what you sense is not only right for you, but for your children.

For me, I’ve always found that it works. Sure, some days are better than others—but that’s true about life in general. You may find that you want to try it for a short period of time to test it out and see how it goes before making a final decision. As you stay flexible and take a moment each day to evaluate how you feel and what level of activity you should attempt, you’ll find ways to make it work for you and your family, if that’s what you truly desire and if that’s the right choice for you.

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