Can You Work When the Computer is Down?

I have realized that my work is entirely computer-dependent. I’m not entirely certain how the transformation took place, but I know it’s been during the past ten years that the work I do has gone from needing a ‘word processor,” copier, telephone, and fax machine–to being almost entirely dependent on the computer with internet access. I know this because recently when the computer was “down” due to problems with the internet provider, I wasn’t able to get very much productive work done at all.

Even though there might have been a few phone calls to make, when the was inactive, the “busy work” I had to do took me about 45 minutes or an hour. There was only so much filing, invoicing, record-keeping, and straightening that one little home business required. And, while I did manage to spend the time writing and “planning” other writing projects, I sure felt as thought I was losing productivity by not being connected to clients and individuals via e-mail. As a matter of fact, I felt myself getting rather uncomfortable and “testy” over wondering what I might be missing!

It wasn’t until I had to go a day without that I realized how much of what I do is reliant on the computer–finances, work submissions, contacts, queries–all of it takes place on the computer now instead of manually. This makes for an incredibly efficient work world when all the equipment is working properly, and feeling at a total loss when it isn’t.

I know there are still plenty of jobs out there that aren’t as computer-dependent, and I found myself fantasizing a bit about just that sort of world. At least I wouldn’t feel like I’d lost an entire day of productivity if I was mowing lawns or teaching a class (as long as it wasn’t a computer class) or growing corn. How about you and your home business? Can you work productivity if the computer is “down”?

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