Candy Airplane Craft

This project can be made just for a fun treat or it can be used for party favors. Another great idea is sending these to school for classmates on your child’s birthday. You don’t always have to send cupcakes (although you might want to check with teacher, and if these favors need to be saved for home, you might want to send something along with them). It’s great to give and receive something fun, creative and different.

These airplanes are super easy and a lot of fun to make. They only require a few candies and sticks of gum, some rubber bands, and some stickers or other decorations, so they don’t cost a lot either. You will have no problem making enough for the entire class for just a few dollars.

Candy Airplane CraftItems Needed:

  • Foil wrapped sticks of chewing gum (any flavor)
  • Medium sized Tootsie rolls (or other long, slim, wrapped candies)
  • Individually wrapped large Life Savers
  • Stickers or other decorations

How to make candy airplanes:

1. Start by wrapping the rubber band around one end of a stick of gum (you can also do this with a loop of string or elastic string with the ends knotted together).

2. Next, poke small holes through the wrappers of two Life Savers with an ice pick or sharp scissors. Adults should obviously handle this part.

3. Thread the rubber band or string through the center of the Life Saver candies.

4. Then, wrap the rest of the rubber band around the other end of the stick of gum (make sure it is snug, but not too tight. You may need to tie it in a couple knots to snug it up).

Try Smarties5. Slide the Tootsie Roll between the Life Savers, which will be the plane’s “wheels.” The Tootsie Roll should be facing the opposite way of the piece of gum (the gum makes the “wings” and the Tootsie Roll is the main part of the plane). Pull tight and knot if necessary.

6. Now all that’s left to do is decorate! Add some stickers to the top of the wings or come up with your own creative ideas for decorations.