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It’s raining candy canes in our home. We attended a number of St. Nick’s Day parties and events in the last 48 hours where my daughter raked in quite a haul of candy canes. We are now the proud owners of more than two-dozen candy canes in a variety of sizes and flavors. (Who knew Jolly Rancher made candy canes?)

Two-dozen seasonal sweet treats is way too much for a 6-year-old to consume, so I talked my daughter into using some of her candy canes to make Christmas crafts. Needless to say, my Martha Stewart wannabe jumped at the chance.

Earlier today I applied polyurethane spray to the candy canes to keep the colors from bleeding. Now we are ready to make the following holiday project:



Plain store-bought pine wreath (either fresh or artificial)

Candy canes (large or small)

Florist’s wire

Florist’s tape

Small to medium-sized Christmas tree ornaments or pine cones

Wide ribbon or pre-made bow

Hot glue gun


Attach short lengths of florist’s wire to the bottoms of the candy canes with florist’s tape, and then wire the canes to the wreath. If you have a lot of candy canes, you can make small bunches and attach them at various points on the wreath or you can randomly place individual candy canes all over the wreath.

Wire or glue Christmas ornaments to the wreath.

Attach the bow to the bottom or top of wreath.

An alternative to the aforementioned craft is to use a foam wreath and cover the entire thing in candy canes. However, instead of gluing the candy canes on whole, you will need to break some of them into smaller pieces before adhering them to the wreath. Once you have randomly placed the broken candy pieces on the foam wreath, layer whole candy canes in pretty patterns around the perimeter of the red and white masterpiece. If you don’t have enough candy canes to cover the entire wreath, simply wrap the foam wreath in red or green ribbon first. You can secure the ribbon with hot glue or stick pins, then add the candy canes and finish with the bow.

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