Capture the Beauty of Fall

Finally the leaves are changing and we are starting to see beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. I was beginning to think the green was here to stay, but mother nature finally took its regular seasonal turn and now the trees are more beautiful than ever. The best part of fall is the wonderful opportunities for amazing photographs.

You have all of nature to try and capture with a click of your camera.. The changing tree’s, the pink cheeks from the colder days, the many fall activities – apple picking, hay rides, raking leaves and of course jumping in them when you are finished. So many wonderful opportunities. And when the photographs are finally printed, you have even more opportunities – scrapbook them and create beautiful layouts.

Another benefit to this wonderful season is the shorter days and colder nights bring people indoors earlier and earlier, and this affords you plenty of time to sit in your creative spot and make truly wonderful layouts showing off all of Fall’s amazing features.

We have a tree in our yard that is absolutely beautiful. I cannot remember what it is called, but it is one of those trees that truly changes with every single season. I love taking pictures of that tree. In the Spring it has beautiful pink blossoms, in the summer it is lush and green, in the fall the leaves turn red and orange and in the winter, the snow covered limbs glisten in the sunlight. I have taken shots of my children in front of this tree every single season for the past two years. And every year I begin a new album and that is my first page. Four photographs taken in different seasons of that year and showing my children and how they change and grow. If you have never done something like that before, think about posing them in front of a tree that changes with the seasons and then create a layout at the end of all four seasons. For those of you who don’t have more defined seasons, you can take pictures four times a year and still get basically the same effect.

In addition to the wonderful tree in the fall, I love to do the fun leaf shot. You know the one where they are all jumping or laying in huge piles of leaves? I pose shots, I take candid photographs and I just generally let them be themselves until I get the perfect photograph. And yes, I wind up with plenty of extras that are just fun to scrapbook.

So as the days continue to grow shorter and shorter, and the weather continues to drop and turn into bitter cold, be sure and capture these times in your life because you don’t ever want to forget them.