Capture the Essence of Christmas With Your Camera

Capturing the spirit of Christmas is important to evoking memories for years to come. So what are you supposed to take pictures of? I can help. I’ve already given you some ideas for the month of December and Christmas eve, but now I’d like to focus on Christmas morning and day.

Many people forget to grab the camera and take photographs of even the mundane things on a special occasion. But if you read these tips and try to memorize them, you might actually remember to grab the camera and get that perfect holiday shot!

Christmas Morning/Day

Take photos of:

  • Children creeping down the stairs, you can at least try to get that look of excitement or surprise!
  • Tree all lit with all the many presents including Santa’s gifts
  • Each child with their gifts
  • Opening gifts or at least a special gift for each person.
  • The family breakfast
  • Cooking or preparation for afternoon/evening meal
  • The meal all ready to be served
  • Family time
  • Playing with new toys, or gadgets
  • Try to capture a photograph of each person in attendance on that special day.
  • For prosoperity, you might like snapping a shot of the aftermath of gift opening or perhaps the aftermath of that huge meal!

Great Items To Save or Preserve

You might with to keep:

  • Yearly Christmas Newsletter
  • Photo sent in on all the Christmas cards
  • Christmas Cards received that are special (baby’s first Christmas, a card from an elderly loved one, etc)
  • Place cards, special napkins, special notes
  • Thank you notes – photocopy one thank you note each year to preserve your child’s handwriting also any special thank you notes you receive.
  • Artwork – scan, reduce size and print copies of your child’s artwork or photograph them with a few special pieces. (eliminates all the storage issues)

Christmas is meant to be a magical time. Help preserve the memories of each Christmas, by just having a camera close by. The look of wonderment on a child’s face at Christmas is pure beauty. Capture your Christmas traditions this year, and look for more fun photo opportunities along the way. Happy Holidays!